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New Visions Theatre

Master of the Trapdoors

Come learn the secrets of the Phantom of the Opera…. He doesn’t usually share. Delve into this one man show for a special night of ghoulish delight!

Master of the Trapdoors
Master of the Trapdoors

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26. 10. 2024 19:30 – 22:00

New Visions Theatre, Na Celné 508/3, Smíchov 150 00, 5 Praha 5, Czechia

O události

The time has come. Erik has returned.

The Phantom of the Opera dies.

Erik, the man behind the mask, tells us in his last hours of an eventful life: his time with traveling gypsies, the pirates of Southeast Asia and assassins in India, as a magician in Russia, an architect at the court of the Shah of Persia, serving the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and also recounting the Franco-Prussian War, the Paris Commune and the retreat into his own morbid refuge deep in the cellars of the Paris Opera.

The Prague Horrortheater’s new gruesome drama takes on Gaston Leroux's "romantic crime epic": Although the novel is a literary treasure chest full of historical fantasies and meticulously researched details of French and Oriental history, most of which would be forgotten today without the book, the tale is often reduced to its various, mostly Pompou adaptations.

With this monologue, we would like to invite the audience to explore the mysteries of the Phantom and his world.

'With the "Phantom of the Opera", one of the great novels about the nineteenth century, [Gaston Leroux has] helped this genre reach apotheosis.'

- Walter Benjamin, German philosopher and cultural critic on the detective novel


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    Come enter the layer of the Phantom!

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