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Guitar bridge

¡Gritando a través de las máscaras!

Después del caos del año pasado, ¡es hora de finalmente salir y brillar! ¡Vamos a dar un grito para que todo el mundo lo escuche! Nuestros artistas han pasado por mucho durante este año duro. Y para muchos, actuar es lo que los ayuda a superar las dificultades de la vida. Gracias a todos por venir y apoyar el primer espectáculo de New Visions y por apoyar a nuestros increíbles artistas. Tienen tanto que decir, así que prestemos atención...

Who’s who?


Playing Paulina: Mariale Carranza

Playing Gerardo: Viktor Buzharov

Playing Roberto: Roberto Miranda




Violin: Violinist

1st Guitar: Andrija Lutovac

2nd Guitar: Guitarist

Bass Guitar: Xavier Mar


Artistic team:

Playwright: Ariel Dorfman

Music: Franz Schubert

Music Director: Andrija Lutovac

Director: Jazmín

Scenographer: Kateřina Hubená 

Photographer: František Šimůnek

¡Conoce el talento!


Viktor Buzharov

Coming soon



A director currently pursuing a master’s degree in dramatic theatre at DAMU in Prague. With the support of her friend’s, she founded New Visions Theatre and hopes to help bring theatre to the community. She enjoys nature, tea, painting, and spooky things. 


František Šimůnek 

Coming soon


Mariale Carranza

Mariale is a former acting student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Lima, Perú, and is now part of the Authorial Acting program at DAMU in Prague. In addition, she has been part of different musicals, theatre, and short film productions in Peru. She has mostly done theater acting roles in Prague, like being part of the cast of Paper Planes and The Visitor. She has also taken part in diverse acting and contact improvisation workshops. Dance is an important part of her artistic baggage. Mariale also practices acrobatics and Trapeze.


Andrija Lutovac

A musician from North Macedonia (also known as the Music Man) who is studying film score, music for movie trailers, gaming soundtracks, and orchestration. He is currently developing an upcoming symphonic metal project. Andrija works as a sound tech and musician, helping create soundscapes and compositions for New Visions. He is a keen admirer of computer technology, from retro computers to the latest technological advances.



Coming soon


Kateřina Hubená

Coming from a family of artists, Kateřina began her artistic career early on, studying carving at the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts.  Subsequently, she went on to work as a clothing designer in Holešovice for two years. She is now a student of scenography at DAMU.  She likes to read, play the piano, draw and experiment with different materials. She is not afraid of any work or challenge!


Xavier Mar

Coming soon

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