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Beautiful old theatre

15 May 2022


First Playwriting Festival!

Our biggest show yet! 4 playwrights, 3 brand new one act plays, live music, and a Q+A with the playwrights! Presented in the Malý sál at Divadlo 21, this has been our most ambitious feat, and we are only getting started!

Coming soon!

Death and the Maiden

Justice. Who holds the power to set the wrongs of the world right? Step into the mind of Paulina and see if you can decide.

A twist on Schubert and Dorfman, an electric quartet serves as a guide through the effects of trauma on a victim of dictatorship. 

Cassette Tapes

3 July 2021

Shouting through the Masks!

Transitioning from the name LiteraryLove, we produced our first show at the late café and restaurant, Café Latino. After the pandemic restrictions finally let us meet, we needed to do some shouting and let out ‘un grito’! 

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