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Third annual playwriting festival!

Hey! Guess what time it is?!

New Visions’ play writing festival is back!


This year’s theme is Facing Reality.

All of us have had to make hard choices in life. We’ve been faced with options and had to face difficult realities. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to even distinguish what is real and what’s not. All we are left with is facing our own realities. 


Please use the form to the right to reserve your audition slot. Auditions will take place on the 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th of June at New Visions Theatre at Na Celné 508/3. We will confirm your time slot through email communication. There are several roles available for different plays which will be played on different dates throughout the end of the year. 
   *Note: to keep casting fair, final casting decisions will be sent through email after the last candidate has had their chance to audition. We appreciate your patience. 

Audition instructions:
Come prepared with a monologue that you believe best encapsulates your acting abilities. Be ready to read and act out excerpts from the text(s).

Please see the available roles below

September letters: 27th + 28th September



1.       (Pp) Prisoner private, around 20-25 yo, fighting will, boxer stance, and no patience, illiterate

2.       (Cc) Camp commander, 50-55 yo, smoldering, self-confident knows victory, literate

3.       (Cs) Camp Sergeant, 30-35 yo, no nonsense and duty type of guy with survivor skills, illiterate

4.       (Pl) Prisoner Lieutenant, 30-40 yo, wanna be farther who lacks imagination but means well, literate 

Living or Leaving: 27th + 28th September

1.        Father, starts around 50 years old, forced into

retirement from family business, just lost his own

parent and divorced his wife.

2.        Son, starts around 30 years old, stuck into family

business, must take care of the business and what’s left

of a family

One black coffee, please. No sugar. : 18th + 19th October

1.      Kaia (mid-twenties/late twenties)

Kaia is a young woman who has left her home country years ago

and never came back. She has cold relationships with her entire

family. She is melancholic, very sensitive, emotional, kind and

loving. She sees her empathy to people as a bad thing and

struggles with her personal boundaries. Kaia struggles with

depression and severe panic attacks. Kaia believes that life is

all about suffering, pain and constant disappointment.

2.      Michelle (early/mid thirties)

Michelle is Kaia’s older sister. Michelle is very expressive and may

appear narcissistic, but in reality she has a really low self-

esteem that she hides behind her talkativeness, intense make-up and

extravagant close. When it comes to her actual feelings, she

hides them well; she uses avoidance as her main defensive mechanism, making her appear condescending. Michelle believes that ignoring anything that brings discomfort and pain is the way to get rid of them.


3.       Father (50s)

He is Kaia’s and Michelle’s father. He is a chronic severe

alcoholic who feels constant guilt and anger. He is a

dysfunctional father and his wife divorced him. He has intense

mood switches and appears highly manipulative. Father deeply

feels sorry for himself and believes that everyone hates him and

wants him dead.

Reality Check: 8th + 9th November

1.       Will: “Boy” in his mid-late twenties. Very nerdy and smart with a tendency to be theatrical when he thinks it might be “cool”. Socially awkward here and there. Easily hyped for fantasy or magical stuff while feeling dull and “not real” about the real world.

2.       Faith: “Woman” in her mid-late twenties. A bit nerdy, but way more aware of the real world than Will. She is kind, likes stories and likes to make jokes. Yet she is assertive and not afraid of confrontation. Is looking forward to adulthood and is still excited about just starting her work-life. Plays a croupier who silently shuffles craps and deals chips at some point. She is possessed by Fidgets at some point.

3.        Fidgets: Tiny anteater mage-lawyer specializing in magical bargains from DnD world. A bit of a crazy manic depressive daydreamer who is determined to meet their

goals. Fidgets possess other characters and act through them.

4.     NPC Dominic: Man, 30-ish. His actor plays multiple characters. Is almost always possessed by Fidgets. Is depressed and overwhelmed by guilt when acting as NPC Dominic.

5.       NPC Waiter: NPC man, played by Dominic’s actor, is very professional in fancy restaurant.

6.       NPC Barber: NPC woman, played by Dominic’s actor, bored and depressed cause of all the things she has to do in real life

7:       Dominics actor: Plays himself at some point, but is suicidal because of life’s


Adele’s Dream: 22nd + 23rd November

General auditions form for 2024 playwriting festival

Please indicate your preferred audition time slot. We will send you an email confirming the audition appointment.

Please select your audition date
16th June
22nd June
23rd June
29th June
30th June
I am unavailable on these dates
Please suggest a time between 12h and 16h
I would like to be considered for multiple roles
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