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Shouting through the masks poster

Shouting through the Masks!

After the chaos of the past year, it’s time to finally come on out and shine! Let’s give a little scream, ‘un grito’ for the whole world to hear! Our artists have been through a lot during this harsh year. And for many, performing is what gets them through the hardships of life. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the first show by New Visions and supporting our amazing artists. They have so much to say, so lets lend them an ear….

Meet the talent!


Jan Kalina

Jan Kalina is a huge movie buff, or a film connoisseur if you want to get fancy. If you got a question about movies, Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel or Fleetwood Mac, he is your guy. He has been writing short plays since 2018. And poems, articles, reviews and scripts ever since. This year Jan has started a film, theatre, arts collective Emerson's Finest.



Singer, actress, poet and sometimes dancer born in the US to a Haitian family and raised in Belgium. Though her current focus is Acting (both stage and film), her dream is to one day grace the stages of London and New York in numerous Musical Theatre Reprisals. After 2 years in Prague she feels extremely lucky to have met and worked with such incredible artists, actors and performers and is honoured to join their ranks.


František Šimůnek 

Coming from a laureate family, František has always been close to literature. Born in 1992 in Prague, he started writing short forms around the start of the new millennium, and won several junior literary contests, even wrote for an online magazine. František studied chemistry and English, but found a job as a librarian. Aside from creative writing, his passions include photography, singing, games. He has multitude of experience helping prepare cultural events. 


Max Brave

Max Brave, an acting maverick all around. Started out simple- had an acting dream as a kid. And when the opportunity arrived to appear on a screen in a feature film, he took it. And thus the acting career started there...



A Serbian - Swedish sound maker. He composes for film and theatre, notably Playdurizm (2020), T.E.A.R’s (2018). He performs under the musical projects Insert/Airtime, and Polyethylentereftalát.



Likes to jot down her thoughts in a notebook and see what comes out of it. She is ruled by the crazy, which leads her to do some very interesting things. She started up New Visions in the middle of the first lockdown, insistent for a comunity where everyone’s voice could be heard. She dabbles in a wee bit of everything, but particularly enjoys being behind the scenes. She might not seem like it, but she is shy, so be nice!


Alexandr von Lyutenskov

Alexandr von Lyutenskov: Born in 1947 on a steamboat headed to New York, the boat sank just before the making it to the port. His family was the only one to make it safe to the coast. Reborn again in '95, under a different name and face. To his performances he brings a unique 'wild card' energy, which makes every rehearsal and performance different. No one knows what to expect. 



A Mexican songwriter living in Prague since 2019. He got started in art through classical music and playing the piano. He has been writing rock and acoustic songs since high school. He also writes poems and short prose from time to time. His influences go from British and Latin rock to Impressionism and Romantic music.

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